Diablo 3

The advance of guide for D3 come get your magic gold

The intense emotion of the 10th ChinaJoy has officially begun, and in the crowded, blossom is great enthusiasm of players. In the most busy and crowded a number of exhibition hall, blizzard entertainment game is the concern of the booth players. This year’s blizzard booth lasted past black decorate a style, with its three booth decoration game series the world of diablo 3 to give priority to.

As in the exhibition hall a few tries to give priority to games galleries, blizzard games in the scene to give players provides the world of warcraft: the panda mystery man “and” starcraft 2: swarm of the heart of demo, and at the same time in the area and the big screen tries out live players experimentations live, didn’t get the chance to try for a player can also on the site to see.

Many failed to make the clothes before the world of warcraft: the panda people mystery of the players in the closed beta qualification to full play real Chinese style means the new expansion of content, we can still see, the corresponding demo area also reflects the style of the game changes. Recently the round of titles let a lot of players confused, and most of them may have not familiar with management principle, just see the next player written comments, it may help you and save more diablo 3 gold!About the diablo 3 equipment problems, although there are many problems, but the players are feel dicontent inthe game. While the blizzard can’t change it at one time, Bashiok  announce some information in blue stick, says they are plans to improve the properties of diablo 3 legend equipment.

Diablo 3 skill system can make you has manylots of different skills combination selection. You can use different skills to the game at any time. Our purpose is to encourage all kinds of different skills combination play, and add equipment to improve the attributes provide different skills. We also in order to provide more debugging game skill can combination. We improve equipment attributes in legend, before we consider what effects does the change will be coming out with skills.I also like Grasp of the Dead when leveling up as a Witch Doctor in Diablo 3. Although lots of people laugh at this skill because they think the % weapon damage is low, it is the snare that makes this skill good. It also does a decent amount of damage and when combined with your pet and your pet’s runes this actually can add up to a lot of damage without you even using a skill on offense.

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