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The real money auction house is up and running, and money is actively trading hands. While many fans of Diablo 3 continue to throw a fit about the place of money in a computer game, the pros are busy cashing in. Up to this point, everything regarding the RMAH has been completely speculative. Now that transactions are happening, we’ll be able to see what people are actually paying for items. There are still a lot of skeptics who believe the RMAH is nothing but a waste of time, though. While selling items on the RMAH isn’t for everyone, here are three popular misconceptions about making money on the RMAH that I’d like to debunk.

Myth 1: Who’s Going To Pay Real Money For This Stuff?

A lot of people ask themselves this question without understanding the perspective of others. Just because you wouldn’t pay money for gold or items in Diablo 3 doesn’t mean others won’t. There is a huge demand for in-game items and currency, as proven by the numerous amount of third party websites selling these goods The only difference is now players can be the ones selling those goods.

Myth 2: You Won’t Make Any Money Because the RMAH Will Be Overcrowded With Sellers

It’s the same old story of the crowded restaurant that is so busy that no one goes there! Just because there are a lot of people selling on the RMAH doesn’t mean that there is no room to cash in. If there was no money to be made, why would they be selling in the first place? There are millions of people selling on eBay; surely some of them are making money, too. And just like Diablo, there’s a ton of complaining on the eBay forums as well (big surprise!)

Myth 3 : Prices Will Keep Dropping and the RMAH Will Be a Race to the Bottom

While it is extremely feasible that more items will become available as time goes by, that does not mean the RMAH will become over-flooded. There are several considerations to be made: Not everyone will be reselling their gear. Of those that are reselling their gear, not all of them will use the RMAH. And of those who are reselling their gear on the RMAH, there’s still a limit of 10 concurrent item listings.

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