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The collector’s edition was shown off to fans for the first time and players cheered at the goodies in the set.cheap diablo 3 gold. The biggest part of the Diablo announcement at the opening ceremonies though was that Diablo 3 would be free for players who commit to a one year World of Warcraft account that is billed monthly.

This move by Blizzard is really amazing, almost hard to believe for many reasons, and a sign that the game market really is changing. Enough about all of that though, most importantly we got to sit down with Wyatt Cheng and Andrew Chambers to discuss Diablo 3 and all of the excitement around launch.

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Blizzard has been working long and hard to get Diablo 3 approved in South Korea. The stumbling block? Real Money Transactions. According to South Korean legislators, the RMT component of Diablo 3 might be in violation of the nation’s anti-gambling laws. To get finalized approval, Blizzard has opted to remove the RMT auction house for the Korean version of Diablo 3 What do you think are the potential implications for other countries or for the general future of RMT in Diablo 3? Let us know!

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