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My Favorite Diablo 3 Classes So far

Join us for this week’s The List as we share our picks for our favorite Diablo 3 classes (so far!). I outright dismissed this class when Diablo 3 was announced. I’m not into the whole Ace Ventura voodoo motif, so I was mostly turned off by the outward appearance of the class. However, having played alongside a friend of mine who mains a Witch Doctor.

I’ve come to appreciate the serious variety in spell effects and functionality that the Witch Doctor brings. It’s a visually interesting class to behold and there are simply tons of options to choose from.cheap diablo 3 gold.I’m definitely going to have to give this class a closer look. Also, you can create a tower of zombies as a Witch Doctor. Diablo 3 burst on the scene a few weeks ago to instantly become the best-selling computer game in history. Since that time, we’ve been putting it through its paces to see how it succeeds.

See how Diablo 3 fares in our latest review. Let’s face it, on a technical level, Diablo III already looks a bit dated. We’ve seen the game at BlizzCon for a number of years now and it really doesn’t look much different now than it did then. However, like Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, where Diablo 3 is deficient in the latest technical whiz bangs and DirectX technology, it makes up for it in art style. Sure, it’s not as gloomy and gothic as the original Diablo games, but it’s dark and gritty all its own.

Over the course of the game’s four acts, I traversed through all manner of environments, from the muddy outskirts of Tristram, to the desert, and heck, even Heaven itself. Each area features its own distinct art style and the ambience comes off distinctively well. To get finalized approval, Blizzard has opted to remove the RMT auction house for the Korean version of Diablo 3.buy diablo 3 gold. What do you think are the potential implications for other countries or for the general future of RMT in Diablo III? Let us know!

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