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But even though Bartuc was slain by his brother

But even though Bartuc was slain by his brother, the armor that he wore would enable him to rise again. So, Horazon had his head separated from his body and both the parts buried separately in different lands; it is now known that the Warlord of Blood’s body was buried beneath the Tristram Cathedral, where eventually Diablo’sSoulstone was kept. Both parts were once guarded by an elite cadre of Vizjerei Sorcerers. Though after the formation of the Horadrim, this may not be the present case. But this act ended the Mage Wars.

Horazon disappeared to his Arcane Sanctuary leaving his many followers in the broken Vizjerei Clan who eventually grouped together with many other smaller Mage Clans from Kehjistan to form the Horadrim in honor of their great master. The Horadrim made sure that their mages would never become corrupted like the Vizjerei brothers, thus forming the Viz-Jaq’taar, also known as the Assassins with the help of Bartuc’s non-corrupted followers. This secret order acted like the police for the mage clans, hunting down corrupted Sorcerers and Sorceresses. Within the Horadrim, they were known as the Khral-Harzhek.diablo 3 gold.

Later, it was revealed that the Mage Clan Wars for some reason forced spiritual Barbarians, known as Druids to leave their sacred forests. It is possible that being the self-proclaimed Protectors of the Worldstone, the Druids wanted to investigate the rampant use of demonic magic coming from the eastern sands.

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