Diablo 3

See if you can be the ultimate warrior

Far to the west, upon an island long isolated from the rest of RuneScape, two great creatures view for control of a powerful obelisk but without any clear victor. Recently, a curious man upon a strange pilgrimage found the island and, for his own obscure purposes, has opened the field of battle to any who wish to pit their mettle against the smaller creatures of the island, other adventurers, or even the mighty avatars themselves. See if you can be the ultimate warrior.RuneScape Gold.

To get to Soul Wars, one must enter the Soul Wars portal in Edgeville. It is located south-west of the bank, and west of the abandoned mausoleum. After going through the portal, the player will arrive at Nomad’s camp, where players can exchange Zeal points for rewards, learn how to play Soul Wars, or join one of two teams to play Soul Wars.

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