Diablo 3

Funny that the tough guy character is the biggest Sally in Pvp

You fight barbarians, witch doctors are fine to fight, and you have very little options. I have spent billions on gear, not all shown now, go to diabloprogress, and u fight the same crap running tank barb build all day. Funny that the tough guy character is the biggest Sally in Pvp. So u either chase them around in a endless game of tag, usually losing to top guys, or u sit behind some spike traps and barbs complain an whine, ends in stalemate. At first I was just gonna sell gear and make a barb, but that doesn’t solve anything. Just about done with game, or at least fighting running man tank barbs.

hat the irony and fun part, that why I diddntt made a barb, as pvp gear and skill is totally difference.Diablo 3 Gold.

just imagine rend is dodgeable, the barb will run even more rounds…..

basically they will only charge you with full fury and health, and exchange life with you.
so the burst damage must be high enough for you to take him down, before he on his turbo sprint to run away.

I also last person to duel is a barb, as chasing them around in circle is like wtf, I thought u are melee.

but that the sad part of pvp also, as this is where they really stood a chance, or in fact their only pvp skills.¬†Cheap Diablo 3 Gold.¬†other skills like whirlwind, or rush you with a hoa don’t work.
but nevertheless, from the league, the no 1 is a dh, 2nd a wd, 3rd a dh, and 4th a monk.
so dh still owns with superd micro.

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