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Compare the infinite hate to Demons AOE king skills in diablo 3 game

So, without further ado, I give you what seems to be the #1 ranged DPS non-CM, non-Archon build there is, and one that I think you’ll see surpasses those builds in many respects. I assembled this build from those skills that were actually buffed in 1.05 – and they all involve Cold damage. The key piece of gear for the build is of course the Frostburn Gauntlets, which finally work in 1.05 and to great effect at that.

Assumes that the team because of his teammates to provide buff, hate is infinite in Diablo 3, can be infinite serial to detonate or infinite serial bombardment, assuming that attack rate is 2.0, take a group of elite time for 10 seconds, then:

As always, you will want a black weapon to take advantage of any “Adds x% to X damage” you may have,preferably one with Life Steal, to add to the 1.5% you’ll get from Blood Magic. It doesn’t have to be a Skorn or even a 2H weapon, but those work best when using skills that are not dependent on attack speed as you’d be using here.
The combination of the DPS, the synergy, and the snares make this build a great one.I can show you tactics if you add me in game.

Serial bombardment in can be 21 attacks for 10 seconds, damage for: * 21 = 414% to 8694%;

Serial detonated under 10 seconds can be Fried, 34, damage for: * 275% = 9350%.

Serial set off together with the mechanical set-up in 48 under 10 seconds can be Fried, damage for: * 48 = 275% to 13200%.

Conclusion: in the case of infinite hate, if you don’t cooperate with mechanical set-up, a serial of damage slightly higher than the serial bombardment, if cooperate with mechanical set-up, a serial of injuries is much higher than serial bombardment. If you do as this, you can use the min pay with Diablo 3 Gold for max gain.

You want as much DPS as possible as this build does not rely on any defensive skills.
Frostburn Gauntlets are the most important gear piece here, especially ones with a perfect 6%/30% Damage roll ). I would even go as far as to say that they are a BiS item, if for no other reason that they are guaranteed to increase your damage output by a fixed amount, which scales with your other gear.

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