Diablo 3

Tolerate Diablo 3 with Many Problems

Blizzard once again the players are disappointed with the enormous flow of people from the error connecting to server and want to get rid of the big pineapple, do not worry, you must first conquer the server. many people are stuck in the login screen. time to repeatedly enter their password, and then was told that the error 37 server is already full.

Overcome the above difficulties, among the tens of thousands of players to break into the game on the road, in the highest heaven still has obstacles that can not be anti: the delay frequent high to make the gaming experience is very bad. Even though you are able to support the three-step back hard to move forward, but it is likely, the next time the return was expelled from the server, then, again, landing. The night is passed, the situation has not improved for maintaining emergency early morning as imagined and efficiently.

If it’s other games, if the developer is not Blizzard game service open after such a serious and continuous server can not resolve the problem, I fear he may kneel. However, Blizzard is that cattle, Diablo 3 is so fun, although a variety of problems and do more can not deny that Blizzard has had a good game.

Why say Diablo 3 Gold, in my opinion, Diablo 3 there are indeed many other games do not have the advantage. Some may think this game screen is not great, the gameplay is not quite a fad, skills, equipment, systems are not the same as before. but these so-called gaps without affecting the attractiveness of the core, which is a non-stop killing monsters to find equipments, players of Diablo 3 inside to do is kill a wide variety monsters, shiny equipment. Forgive me, even if someone played Diablo 3, I find it difficult to use language to describe why so many people obsessed with the dark world of the constant pursuit of clouds as the best.

Server problems aside, the Diablo 3 in terms of the quality of play is definitely worth grateful. The other hand, Blizzard has some very high position players in mind, Blizzard, will be well is not a breath of slogan, but the players to give praise. May have such a high tolerance in the heart of players, and not once a day can be done.

Some people say it’s because players are blinded by the signs Blizzard. As a test of the game, individuals of this argument does not agree: this is equivalent to saying that millions of Diablo 3 players do not have the slightest appreciation game. I believe the eyes of the public actors, and a gust of hot game will never be poor. Only a very good game to allow players to tolerate its other shortcomings, perhaps the Diablo 3 BUG constantly, but the enthusiasm of the players was in it.

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