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Farming Diablo 3 Gold Quickly In D3

The Diablo 3 is just released for some days, so it is hard to farm and make Diablo 3 Gold
in Diablo 3, without D3 gold, Diablo 3 game players can hardly level up their character, in order to help all the Diablo game players get Diablo 3 gold easier, Diablo 3 players from diablo3goldsell.com are going to share their experience of farming Diablo 3 gold tips and strategies.

In the quest line Legacy of Cain, fighting the first boss Captain Daltyn is an excellent way to farm for Subtle Essence, Shimmering Essence, Wishful Essence and Exquisite Essence. Keep in mind that this depends on the difficulty that you are running. You will not get a huge amount of gold drop from this quest; however the Essence that you will get from kill Captain Daltyn will sell for a lot in the auction houses. To farm for Essence, simply select the Legacy of Cain from the menu and join the game. Once you are in the game, go to Cain and accept his quest.

Farming Mira Eamon will be a bit slower than farming Captain Daltyn, however with the extra zombies that you will have to kill to activate Mira, it is an excellent way to find magic items. To start this farming strategy, join a new game and select the Shattered Crown quest. Once in the game, head up to Cain then to the left where the Blacksmith is residing in the upper part of New Tristram. Talk to him and he will open the cellar door for you to allow you to go into the Cellar of the Damned. Once in, you must kill all the zombies to activate Mira.

When Mira is transforming, select to leave the game from the menu and within the 10 seconds again, kill Mira, loot her body and complete the quest. If you are playing as a Demon Hunter, you can actually complete the full quest rather quickly. All you need to do is grab Vault and Tactical Advantage to quickly get to your destination. Use Rapid Fire to kill Mira fast. If done right, you will be able to complete the full quest in 60 seconds.

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