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David Braben comes to us through the impressive Elite : Dangerous trailers, and shows how the trailer together to help develop quite . Stars citizens at the station MobiGlas user interface, display concept art and games crowdfunding total over $ 21 million mark.

If you have not seen the recently released Elite : Dangerous trailers, head over to YouTube and check it out before the game to see the latest development diary. In the sixth journal , the developer David Braben confirmed that almost all of the trailer is recorded in the game engine and to explain why Trailer game development is very important. As the ship to fly pre-programmed scene along a specific path , such as explosions and weapons and the like can be repeatedly tested in a controlled environment .

Stars citizens at the station MobiGlas user interface , showing some nice concept art . This is all fine and projected onto your spaceship cockpit window UI, but doing the same first-person gamepay may be broken immersion. To solve this problem , the developer proposed to add a togglable wrist holographic projection called MobiGlas will cover to the game scene data , such as the player ‘s name.

Star Citizen crowdfunding total almost U.S. $ 21 million over the barrier , officially marking the game full of money. Although the developers plan to continue to add new features , this milestone after being hit , reaching $ 2.1 billion , the official let their budget to finish the game . Spots look, we are here to provide cheap Runescape 3 Gold

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