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Elite dev diary, Garen reform, kill added mercury

Diablo III starts console digital downloads

PS3 and Xbox 360 on “Diablo III players have been reported to occur hacking, modification, and in the online portion of the game are duplicated. Blizzard A representative responded to clarify that the company is not worried about game characters or duplication of projects and I hope that people will enjoy enough experience, they do not feel the need to lie, we also learned this week that developers work on all existing acts connected together, allowing the player to teleport the difference between two waypoints behavior.

South Korea’s SK Telecom, a face off against China’s Champions League Club Royal Huang clan Legends World Championship finals this week. SK Telecom is one dominated all three games with a convincing victory, taking millions of dollars top prize, the World Cup three seasons.

Riot Games is saved until after the game arrived in a huge change in the balance of patch 3.12. The patch also includes the popular melee fighter Garen, which is in his new champion spotlight video shows a visualization of the transformation.

RUNESCAPE3 Gold  tail is a long-running, plot a series of tasks, the conclusion is launched this week. The grandmaster quest called dwarf born, in fact, there are a lot of elements, designed by the players themselves and vote.

Earlier this year, the players participate in a game the other elements questline through forums designed two major NPC, as well as recommendations. The result: the inherent battle dwarves will include physical and mental challenges, and the dwarf kingdom’s fate is entirely in the player. This questline is also available to all players through the game’s new bond system that allows players to purchase a membership in the game gold.

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