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Archaeology is, to put it kindly, slow

WOW Archaeology

WOW Archaeology

In WoW, archaeology is, to put it kindly, slow. And it doesn’t involve nearly as many action sequences as an Indiana Jones movie a Harrison Jones cutscene. However, it does give a reasonable amount of experience per digsite. The biggest slowdown with this method is travel time: once you’ve finished one digsite, you’ll need to travel to another, which may be across the continent. If you don’t have a flying mount, archeology will be an agonizingly slow grind — but if you have a fast flying mount, getting from digsite to digsite won’t be too bad. We do, however, recommend you stock up on archaeology addons to make things easier for yourself.

This can be an ideal way to get a bit of experience alongside skillups and archeology loot if you’re watching television and don’t have a lot of attention left over for WoW. Trust us, low attention is the ideal way to work on archeology…. and get some XP to boot.

Leveling speed is very slow. A lot of your time here will be taken up by traveling from digsite to digsite, though a fast flying mount helps. You want fast leveling, click here.

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