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All The FIFA 15 New Features Details

fifa 15 features

With more fun packed new features than ever before, EA Sports FIFA 15 has a load of new controls, visuals and engines to get players excited for it’s release. Here we detail all of them to you and explain in-depth what they mean and what they do for you the players.

Now for the very first time, gamers will be able to position their players anywhere they want when taking a set piece like a free-kick, corner or throw-in and gain that extra yard needed to make the difference and create the space to score. This is a total game changer and a lot of matches could totally depend on who decides to take advantage of this cool new feature and use it against their opponent.

Real-Life Ball Contact
Experience authentic real ball physics whilst you take a touch, block a shot, dribble with the ball and pass to a teammate. There’s now amazing accuracy on the flight, curl and spin of the ball than ever before thanks to the new real-life contact. With lifelike ball trajectories on offer, the movement of the ball can change a game for the better or worse.

Emotional Intelligence
Not ever ever done before! Now players will come with real to life emotions that they will show on the pitch depending on their mood. Every player has now got a memory that’ll last the full 90 minutes and they will respond to game changing events. There’s over 600 new player reactions and they will show through missed opportunities, badly timed tackles and wonder goals just like they would in the non-virtual world.

Enhanced Tackling Engine
The tackling side of the game has been completely revamped for FIFA 15 to give gamers total realism when it comes to dispossessing your opponent. There’s now new big fall physics, epic shoulder barging to knock your opponents off-balance and shirt pulling due to enhanced cloth technology. Now tackling the opposition and retrieving the ball back for your team has just got real.

Dynamic Match Presentation
The EA Sports match day experience has become even more dynamic than ever before! There’s now improved commentary which FIFA fans have been crying out to be updated for years. The commentary will highlight a number of events during a match which include unique fan chanting which will be relevant to your country and more than likely even your team that you’re playing with.

New Team Tactics
All of your own teammates and opponents will now realise exactly what’s going on during the game and will therefore change their game-plan/tactics according to what needs to be done on the pitch. Time wasting tactics, parking the bus and counter attacks will all be used at some point during a game on FIFA 15.

Agility & Ball Control
Take control of the ball like a pro and drive past opposition defenders and leave them trailing with an improved balance engine. There’s now more closer touches to keep the ball close to your players feet when dribbling to give the world beaters the edge. You’ll now be able to keep the close-ball control when sprinting as well to really use those speedsters talent.

State of The Art Pitches
The playing surfaces will now get worn out as the game approaches the final whistle, debris, sliding tackles and leaping players will be the contributors to this. The whole goal frames will shake when players smash the ball against the post and crossbar, and the corner flags wave all over the place from strong winds to give an even greater realistic football experience.

All-New Player Visuals
All of the player faces now look more realistic than ever before, especially on the next-gen consoles. Kits will get mud and rain over them during matches and move realistically. The amazing attention to detail will blow you away on the PS4 and Xbox One machines.

That’s all of the new features covered for EA Sports FIFA 15, stay up to date on all the latest news and get all the updates here.

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