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How to get the MOST coins for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

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In this hub I will talk about ways that you can get the most fifa 15 coins out of every game that you play on FIFA Ultimate team. At minimum you should be getting around 400 coins per game, but I will talk about ways to BOOST that number significantly higher.

Fifa 15’s ultimate team is a game mode in which you essentially build your ultimate team. You are looking to build the best team possible in order to defeat other players, solo tournaments, solo games, and to make the most out of your game. Ultimate Team is arguably the most fun game mode that EA Sports has put into FIFA, Madden, and NHL.. IT is very widely played, and a lot of people really enjoy playing the game mode. With that being said, coins are a necessity to get far.

For you to get far in the game you need the most amount of coins possible in order to buy packs, buy players, and to attempt to get the ultimate team that you are striving for. With all that being said let me talk about the coins in ultimate team in games.

Goals. This is probably the biggest factor for how many coins you receive. For every goal you kick in you will get roughly 40 coins per goal in addition to the coins you are going to receive. The same goes for the opponent but will hurt you. If the opponent scored 10 goals they are going to have a certain amount of coins that will hurt you as a negative score on your coins. i don’t think it is 40 per goal, but I none the less the more goals they score the higher their negative score is against you. That is why not setting an extremely high difficulty as a beginner is a smart thing.

Rest of your playing. Keep in mind when the game starts that you will have 0 points, and same with the team against you. That everything you do out there has an impact. If you do trick moves, you get more points for it. If you pass, assists, lack of, or more penalties can also have an effect on the outcome. With that being said, you should focus each game to not get many penalties, to try trick moves, and focus on winning, and not letting your opponent have any advantages on you.

Penalties. As said above penalties that you acquire will negative effect your score. With that being said you SHOULD TRY not to get any penalties. This is crucial to get those extra points throughout the game.

Tricks. Also trick moves and shots will help your points per game. this is crucial to making more points per game. You should try to maximize the points that you can get by learning how to do tricks. This can be done by practice mode, or doing the skill games, these will tach you the ins and outs that you can use throughout the game.

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