Revelation Online

Revelation Online November update plan exposure of the new professional PTR test

Since the “day of the encyclical” development team on Sunday released in December the new career information film “industry video cycle” of information, players have expectations for the new career, the transfer of advice, curiosity on martial law, as well as other aspects s concern.

The PTR test for the new career is turned on

“Revelation Online” new career – industry brake the first round of the PTR test on the 7th of this month to open for a week.

Home new furniture delivery

Double eleven is approaching, “Revelation Online” will also launch a series of activities. In order to celebrate the anniversary of the anniversary, the home will be on the line a number of roses (a total of 4 colors), including flowers, branches, bundles of 3 specifications, determined players can surprise at home Dachu own friends.

In addition, the game also introduced a special gift – limit [doll]. Can be placed at home, intimate interaction. Wall boom, touch the head, or the princess hold, doll models also include the mysterious god of mystery and popularity goddess Tung.

At the same time, Zhou Qing Museum will also launch a number of new furniture, including curtains, lotus beds, screens. In addition to new furniture, home will be more functional, Royal pool is about to return to the body brain.

Double 11 new appearance light dark series put

New pvp games are updated

Guild League national war mode will also open the test at the end of this month. In the already open the empire war games are played on the server, the weekly guild league will be changed to two battle server between the confrontation and hegemony

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