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Madden NFL 18 – The Top Five Tight Ends

We are days away from having Madden 18 in our hands and the ratings of the best players by position have been announced. The Tight Ends is a position liked by those who have trouble scoring in the Red Zone, who know the value of having someone like ‘Gronk’.

5. Greg Olsen – Panthers – 92 OVA

Not only is it one of the best TE on the list, but also, it is the best option that Carolina has when launching the ball. Olsen comes with 97 in Catch, 92 in Spectacualr Catch and 93 in Catch in Traffic, so it is an option yes or yes every time you take Cam Newton out of the bag of protection.

4. Delaine Walker – Titans – 93 OVA

It will not be the best option to generate yards or points, but it is a difficult wall to pass at the time of the pass and race coverage. 86 Stiff Arm make it a powerful tank in case you decide to give it the ovoid.

3. Jimmy Graham – Seahawks – 93 OVA

A safe option to exploit the air attack in Seattle. Graham is not the best covering, but really, who would use it to block? He has 87 in Catch, 96 in Spectacular Catch and 87 in Catch in Traffic.

2. Travis Kelce – Chiefs – 94 OVA

One of the favorite weapons for anyone who dares to play with the Chiefs. Kelce has good grades like his 87 in Agility, his 85 in Speed and 93 in Awareness, he will not be an invincible force like ‘Gronk’ but he can help win more than one game.

1. Rob Gronkowski – Patriots – 98 OVA

In the digital world, Gronkowski is not as prone to injuries as in real life, so here is constantly a threat. 95 in Catch, 94 in Spectacular Catch and 96 in Catch in Traffic, very few rivals will be able to face the ‘Incredible Gronk’.

Ratings of other tight ends in Madden 18:

  • Antonio Gates
  • Julius Thomas

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