Get Some Hints About TERA’s Orientation

This guide will get you some hints about this game’s orientation. Then, you can choose the best store to buy Cheap Tera Gold, this allows you to experience both sides of DPS classes in TERA. You’re probably thinking what this game can offer or if this game is worth jumping into.

You must aim with every support/offensive skills
PvP and PvE
● Offers duels, deathmatches (up to 10v10), 3v3 / 15v15 / 20v20 / fun battlegrounds / open world PvP on specific servers / GvGvG every Sunday.
● PvE wises the dungeons at level cap (65) is actually challenging. Low-level dungeons are annoying with constant collisons (which results in knockdowns) with enemies.
● Most dungeons are only normal mode but sometimes it has hard mode as well for greater challenge and slightly different mechanics.
● Most dungeons are for parties of 3 (any setup) or 5 (1 heal 3 DPS 1 tank). We have (or had) some raids up to 10 participating players (or 20 in special occasions, like Harrowhold or the old Wonderholme).

● Probably the best part of the game. Very skill based and fast paced.
● You have to aim with everything.
● You unlock skills as you level up, low-level combat can be boring.
● If you’re out of range of an attack then you won’t receive the damage opposed to other MMOs where you can still get the full damage despite you’re moving away out of the enemies’ attack range.
● There are evasion skills that you can use to dodge incoming attacks (usually titled as “iframes”)
● In some other MMOs tanking usually means “holding aggro and reducing taken damage”. Here, classes that can tank can block most attacks that are coming from the front to reduce their damage to 0.
● During attacks/heals/blocks you can’t use WASD to move (animation lock)
● The skills itself can move where you’re aiming though.

● Meager. Everything you do is combat related. Even fun events or minigames. If you don’t like combat, you might not like this game either.
● Major patch (with new dungeons for example, or a new class) every 2-3 months, sometimes more.
● Can be considered really grindy.
● Gear progression can take a while if you don’t have multiple characters.
● Most dungeons will give you no challenge if you’re taking the effort to learn them. Within a month or two you’ll have nothing else to do (assuming you DID become skilled in hard dungeons), only improve your tanking / healing skills or do more damage than you did before.
● Endgame is about becoming skilled in harder dungeons and clearing them over and over for better gear and/or fine-tune your skills with your class and become better in PvP – either small or large scale battles.

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