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POE 3.3 Detailed and Lastest Witch Occultist Miscellaneous Builds

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[POE 3.3 Death Aura Build]Deathwalker Occultist by Nemo (Death’s Oath) (HC Viable on a Budget)

To deal large amounts of Damage over time, added to scaling the Harm of Death Aura all the more.
Equipping a Wither Spell totem boots the single target for challenging bosses all the more.
The Occultist Ascendency is genuinely the best choice for this build.
Granting with 250 Flat energy shield, and unstoppable energy shield recharge and Explosion cursed enemies in a huge explosion.
Operating by means of packs with shield charge to just see them die by your mear presence.

+ Seriously Enjoyable to play
+ somebody low cost and easy to begin at lv 62
+ the brand new occultist just can make this much more op

– Cant definitely run no regen mods
– not the most beneficial single target at t15+ maps
– under lv 62 is just not a very good time 😀

Standard – Wicked Ward (Power shield recharge is unstoppable)
Cruel – Profane Bloom (Enemies go BOOM after they die as well as the capacity to curse Hexproof enemies)
Merciless – Vile Bastion (stun immune and so much vitality shield)
Eternal – Void Beacon (far more harm and even more harm)

Despair Curse effect
enhanced Flame Golem impact
Movement speed although not being hit recently
(truly very own option)
Decree with the Grave
(truly very own selection)

Entire body Armour:
Arcane Surge – Less Duration – Conc effect/Inc AoE – Efficacy – Void manipulation – Swift Affliction
(This being the sole six Gems operating over the Deaths Aura ability granted by the Physique Armour)

Swift Affliction – Efficacy – Void Manipulation – More rapidly Casting/Increased Location of Impact

Discipline – Blasphemy – Despair – Temporal Chains
Flame Golem – Rallying Cry – Vaal Discipline – Elevated Duration

Shield Charge – More rapidly attacks – Fortify
Spell Totem – Wither – Increased Duration/Inc Aoe

Kill them all! two Skill Factors go a long way.

– Farmed t14-t15 in Abyss
– Killed Hydra, Chimera, and Minotaur
– Farmed Chimera in Abyss
– Killed Uber Izaro devoid of dodging although acquiring 3 Keys from him
– Farmed Uber Lab in Abyss and Bestiary
– White, Yellow and Red Elder Killed in Abyss
– Farmed typical Atziri in Abyss

Uncommon Cobalt Jewel(order of importance)
Energy Shield
-Chaos Injury
-Damage above time
-Energy Shield recharge fee

Uncommon Hypnotic Eye Jewel
-Flat Vitality shield
-Damage if you’ve killed not long ago

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[POE 3.3 Death Aura Build]Death’s Oath CI Occultist Triple Curse

3.3 Improvements:
Malediction rather than Void Beacon to make utilization of triple curse (if you’re able to get a +1 curse Ammy it is possible to retain Void Beacon, its much more dmg than Malediction but less defense. Without the need of +1 curse, Malediction is better IMO)
– Heretic’s veil rather than Eber’s Unification to accommodate triple curses. (Gems to be socketed in helm – Despair, Enfeeble, Temp chains, Discipline. Drop the Blasphemy)
– Do not need to possess a free of charge suffix for Element of the Spider.

– Malediction in lieu of Void Beacon to create utilization of triple curse (if you’re able to get a +1 curse Ammy you may continue to keep Void Beacon,it’ss more dmg than Malediction but much less defense. Devoid of +1 curse, Malediction is greater IMO)

– Heretic’s veil in place of Eber’s Unification to accomodate triple curses. (Gems to be socketed in helm – Despair, Enfeeble, Temp chains, Discipline. Drop the Blasphemy)

– Don’t must have a no cost suffix for Facet with the Spider.

Only try t16+ bosses if you are a masochist. (6L ED can make it uncomplicated)
Strength hungry, should prepare to acquire 180 str for DO.
Minimal effort expected to play.

Levelling Guide:
ED Back links -> ED > Efficacy > Swift Affliction > Managed Destruction (Void manip. and Empower are your 5th and 6th back links need to you select to obtain them)
Cont Backlinks -> Cont > Inc Aoe > Arcane Surge > Faster Casting.

Wicked ward > Vile Bastion > Void Beacon > Profane Bloom

Lunaris and Ralakesh for mapping.
Solaris and Tukohama for bossing.

Death’s Oath CI Occultist – Shaped Burial Chambers

Death’s Oath CI Occultist – Dark Forest

Death’s Oath CI Occultist – Lava Lake

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