Diablo 3

Diablo 3 monster dark believers

That morning, when you see the bloody wave knife stuck in the door, I will know that those fanatics have been found. A few months ago, I inadvertently encountered them, After that a scene has been tortured mind me, anyway lingering. And now, they already know who I am.

It was a dark was pitch-dark night, the kind of darkness to appear only in the deepest dark night. I was Tristram walking through the dense forest, see the distant fire, but also with joy to think that the encounter hospitality traveler. As I approached the fire, but feel the whole body is surrounded by a strange atmosphere, although in the dense forest in the middle of the night, this breath seems than the night around thicker denser. Driven by fear, I almost Bajiao escape. However, at this moment, I heard the sound of the chant, help to continue to move on, I do not know where apparitions of the gods, I also retain enough sanity in a place far away from the chanting sound stopped, there is no Go to the patch of unclean place. Against the terrain, I was hiding in a secluded place, you can clearly see the scene in the depths of the forest patch of open space.

That is the first time I saw these dark believers. They form a circle, the ceremony being held in some kind of terrible. They wear robes painted complex and ornate runes torch pale light refraction. I had heard rumors about these believers, they are always carrying Hood not exposed face. I have also heard of their evil and terror ceremony. To tell the truth, I really was curious, want to watch the ceremony in the end is what. The chant still continue, I think it is not far away, do not let them find my presence. At this time, however, a pale, his eyes dull prayers go out from the ranks, attracted my attention. Subsequently, he silently walked in the middle of the human circle, slowly knees.

At this time, the prayers stopped. One seems chieftains who stood out, and he was wearing a gold cloak covering their faces. This man stepped forward and began loudly singing in a language I had not heard. Wearing a leather mask, burly believers stepped forward, caught in a kneeling man’s head with a black cloth, and then from the waist out a one foot long nails. I tried to search in mind, a symbol of what can not think of the nails. At this time, I suddenly discovered that masked man holding the hands of a chi dense sledgehammer. He put the hammer over his head, and then the nail is driven into the middle of the back, the entire action at one go, light and quick. I almost cried, however, the victim who is without a sound.

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