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Kehjistan Kingdom should be proud of the city

As the World Trade Center, that held most Kehjistan Kingdom should be proud of the city. Compared with Viz-jun and flourished after Kurast that held in the size and although favorably, but she does not be seen as the center of the empire. However, that held for homeland people prefer she now look. Even if when when the magician factional war broke out, that held trade was not affected. Because both the political and the magic is of course important, but overlooked the trade will bring about a more serious problem. “Let that ruin the Kurast do the center of the world that it is self-righteous to go, that held here, we still maintain open trade, and the free exchange of ideas”. , As that held so talking about the people of their homeland, with a sarcastic speech.

Looking back now, I mind share that held a sense of pride has been dyed dust, dim. It must be admitted that held the city’s decline began in the large number of Kurast nobles fled their homes to that held when settled. Those the Kurast nobles why they fled their great cities, all those horror legend and unbelievable rumors almost every ear stained, but the real cause of our concern is not the reason for them to escape, but they fled to that held attitude transformation. When they become a stability that held life, all the reason that forced them to leave their homes gradually watered down by the time these aristocratic countenance began to entitlement and then, eventually insolent, arrogant and domineering. Want to get their so-called “legitimate” status does not waste Chuihuizhili those fleeing aristocracy ruled in the city’s Trade Joint Council. And they are ready to use their huge financial resources to hire the mercenaries for their ambitions.

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