Diablo 3

The Diablo 3 magician Key Features

Key Features
Destruction magic range attack battlefield will be summoned to coverage – Master of attacks can damage a horde of enemies at the same time, the skills of the beam can cause more trauma to rely on the more recent enemy on the battlefield hesitant summoned by the Master of falling rock hit deflated.
Protective magic Compared to other occupations, the magician is very fragile physically, but they can use defensive magic to protect themselves. Both diamond armor they put on their own, or to create a mirror to confuse the enemy can even attack and deceleration stupid creatures who dare to infuriate them.
Master of Elements the magician has fully mastered the force of the elements of the world of Sanctuary. Flame, lightning, ice and high winds to their control, they can find out the opponent’s weaknesses and targeted attacks.
The endless energy Mage few used up their energy. Prop recovery fast Arcane Power a blessing, they can be very arbitrary to cast spells, and with experience to better control these forces.

Master of the energy source Arcane Power is the latest disclosure of the energy source, magician sustained activation of Arcane Power – This is a fast recovery, and seemingly never depleted energy. Be possible to cast a variety of spells only when they are at risk, a large number of temporary cause energy depletion. However, if the imprudent use of arcane energy may destroy the body of the magician, the magician who must wait before you can continue to use a particular spell cooling. These skills – for example, from Star summoned to a burning meteor, triggered by the power of the the cyclone cut off the enemy’s leg, or you can stop the live time energy bubble – strong and powerful, and worthy of magician who pay a small ground wait.

And those thoughtful and careful caster magician Arcane Channeling media. Directly through the body, so intense energy and directs this energy to become an extension of your own body.

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