Diablo 3

The items for the Necromancer have to be specific

The items for the Necromancer have to be specific, as his Strength will be strained and limited in expendable points. This is done to maximize Life.

Character Items
Head: Harlequin Crest
Armor: Enigma
Shield: Boneflame Or Homunculus
Weapon: Heart of the Oak
Secondary Weapon: Call to Arms
Secondary Shield: Spirit Rune Word
Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope
Ring: Stone of Jordan
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Glove: Trang-Oul’s Claws
Boots: Marrowwalk
Charm: Hellfire Torch
Charm: Annihilus
At a glance, the items are typical, and used quite often. The reason for this is you want the maximum + to skills as possible. It is best to get Boneflame ethereal, or Um a non-Eth for high resistances. Homunculus is best ethereal and upped, for better defense.

Mercenary Items
Head: Dream Or Andariel’s Visage
Armor: Bramble
Weapon: Infinity Or Pride
It is preferred if you get an Act II mercenary as they work extremely well with Summonmancers. Infinity mercenaries work best with the Might aura, however, if you choose to go Pride and forgo the Infinity, using Blessed Aim is a good choice, as your Skeletons will have high attack rating, but not enough to hit as often. Infinity lowers monsters resists by -85%, which helps them strike much more often, Blessed Aim also works but it is pointless with Infinity, as the need for attack rating is eliminated with the lower defense. Bramble is used mainly for the Skeletons luxury, the Thorns aura deals impressive damage to the attackers, as the damage is doubled with Amplify Damage, making it much more useful than Iron Maiden.

Iron Golem made out of Beast.

The Iron Golem is very important when made out of Beast, it is highly recommended that a Beast is made out of a Double Axe with 5 sockets, the damage is low enough to slide past the damaging effects of Iron Maiden that are cast by Oblivion Knights (note-In patch 1.13, Iron Maiden has been removed from the Oblivion Knight’s Curses). The golem is not meant for damage as much as buffing your main force: the skeletons.
The golem may vanish if you run away too far, so it is best to teleport every so often to keep his appearance in check. Fortunately, maxing Golem Mastery and Iron Golem is not necessary, the golem can tank without either of those maxed out with no problems.

When using this build, it is wise to walk a few paces and teleport only when necessary, your Bone Armor can take a beating, but unfortunately it cannot withstand massive amounts of damage should you teleport into the wrong crowd.
One of the best strategies for Chaos Sanctuary, is to take it slowly. Teleporting too much, too quickly can get your army obliterated in a matter of seconds from Iron Maiden, including your mercenary. (note-In patch 1.13, Iron Maiden has been removed from the Oblivion Knight’s Curses)

Dealing with Bosses is an entirely different matter, it is best to teleport on top and run away quickly, then cast Decrepify and let your skeletons take them down.

This build can also do battle with the Ubers, but this requires the Blunderbore or one of their variations, as they have the stun ability which helps keep the Ubers in check. Although with a Beast Golem in your summoned arsenal, it is not recommended, unless you have no problem risking losing him.

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