Day: May 31, 2013

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The Incredible Adventures

The action-RPG is having a rather bountiful season at the moment. Grim Dawn is in alpha, Path of Exile has an open beta running, and the recent Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 are ever-present options as well. Where, then, does the newly-released The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing fit in this melange of button mashing? […]

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A Mini Diablo Three Wizard Leveling Guide Witch Doctor Leveling Information

With this small Diablo three Witch Medical professional Leveling Manual, I give a broad examination of this enjoyable course. In subsequent installments, I’ll be considering additional specific info and techniques for swiftly leveling in Diablo a few! Wizards are commonly famed for his or her strength to trigger big quantities of mystical ruin even though […]

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Blizzard zeigt Artworks der Fans zum Jubiläum seines Hack’n’Slays

In the wake of a gold duplication bug that let savvy players mine their own in-game currency, Blizzard is now conducting a full audit of auction house transactions to remove any impact on the wider in-game and real-money economies. Diablo 3 feierte vor kurzem seinen ersten Geburtstag. Auch die Community hat sich einiges ausgedacht, um […]

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Gold Dupe Bug Forces Diablo 3 Auction im Patch 1.0.8 – Echtgeld-Auktionshaus offline

genommenSpielentwickler Blizzard hat den Gold-Dupe-Exploit, der mit Patch 1.0.8 bei Diablo 3 Einzug hielt, offenbar beheben k?nnen. Der zuvor von vielen Spielern befürchtete Server-Rollback blieb und bleibt aber aus. Wie Community-Managerin Lylirra im offiziellen Forum zum Hack’n’Slay bekannt gegeben hat, sollen die in die Ausnutzung des Fehlers involvierten Accounts Schritt für Schritt einzeln untersucht und […]

Diablo 3 Best Serivce And Cheapest Site To Buy Diablo 3 Gold

As you know,for diablo 3 gold buyers,what they care most is which is best service and cheapest site to buy diablo 3 gold. Speaking of the best service,you might have four points in mind.First,account safety.Second,fast delivery.Third,considerable customer service.Forth,cheap diablo 3 gold matches well with the four points,that’s why is marked as the best […]

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Cheapest Diablo 3 Gold EU With Full Stock At

Diablo3GoldSell is a Specialized Diablo 3 Gold store,we sell D3 Gold,you can buy Safe and cheap Diablo III Power leveling from us. We are an experienced and professional Diablo 3 Gold sale team. Doing MMORP Game currency to please our customers with cheap price. Buy Diablo III power leveling of swift delivery is always ready […]

Diablo 3

When Blizzard updated Diablo III

Blizzard has kicked their auction houses live again following the gold exploit which surfaced on Tuesday when the 1.o.8 patch was released.It’s been a tough week for Diablo 3 and Blizzard has been working hard to rectify the problems that resulted from the auction house Diablo 3 Gold exploit. A lengthy official statement on the […]

Diablo 3

When Blizzard released the Diablo III 1.08 patc

The current major patch is patch 1.0.8, which is now live! It is a major quality of life patch, bringing increased monster density, multiplayer co-op improvements, and skill buffs to multiple classes. See the Patch 1.0.8 Guide for details on everything in that patch. When Blizzard released the Diablo III 1.08 patch the company did […]

Diablo 3

Zoltun Kulle was one of the founders of the Horadrim

Zoltun Kulle was one of the founders of the Horadrim, but turned towards the side of darkness after the creation of the Black Soulstone. He was the most powerful man in all of Sanctuary, and the Horadrim realized this. The forces of Sanctuary then banded together and severed Kulle’s body into two jars of blood, […]