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Do You Like Builds Based on Chaos Damage in Path of Exile?

Howdy, I like builds based on chaos damage and I do not like crit builds. I want to play something different than ED+Contagion now. I looked at Death’s Oath already, but that was not too appealing. Do you know any builds that are rather safe/tanky and chaos based?

Chaos damage builds

Dark Pact Totems Hierophant
This can be customised to suit your preferred playstyle. You mentioned you’re not a huge fan of crit based. While it is often done out of spell crit, it works incredibly well without crit and can do end game content just fine. The premise behind this build is you are a fast moving Mind over Matter tank that drops up to 4 totems to quickly clear maps with chaos totems.

Self-Cast Dark Pact Occultist
This isn’t necessarily limited to Occultist, but it is limited to a life-based approach due to the nature of Dark Pact. The idea behind this build is similar to the Hierophant, you run quickly through maps spamming Dark Pact with a large AoE to take packs down, and the boss damage is respectable too. This can also be done out of Cast on Crit, for example you can play a “chaos cyclone” by spinning through your enemies triggering a chaos nova type effect.

Blight is another decent chaos skill. It does have the downside that it has pretty small clear and the single target is average. However, it is another type of chaos build you may not have tried yet that can clear most content pretty well.

Other Alternatives
I’m not entirely sure 100% what you’re looking for in a build when you say “Chaos Build,” but the number of chaos based skills in the game are fairly limited. Caustic Arrow, while no longer a tier 1 skill, is a bow skill that creates big degen clouds which can be quite fun. There are some hipster builds such as Viper Strike that, while play just like a melee build, are technically chaos based. There are other builds, such as Voltaxic Rift or Consuming Dark that convert a portion of elemental damage into Chaos damage for a hybrid approach. If you want more information on any of these other builds, or have a better idea of the type of build you’re looking for then that may help me find the right build for you as well.

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