Day: April 30, 2018

path of exile guides

Do You Like Builds Based on Chaos Damage in Path of Exile?

Howdy, I like builds based on chaos damage and I do not like crit builds. I want to play something different than ED+Contagion now. I looked at Death’s Oath already, but that was not too appealing. Do you know any builds that are rather safe/tanky and chaos based? Dark Pact Totems Hierophant This can be […]

Path of Exile

Useful Path Of Exile Tips Regarding Spectre

In Path of Exile, there are many new spectre player, I feel like someone should have shared some tips regarding spectre. I will start with my “I wish I know this when I start playing spectre”: 1.¬†Lvl of desecrate and raise spectre affect your Spectre’s level. Although this is obvious, some people might miss this […]

path of exile guides

Path of Exile Update PoE 3.3.0 Is Coming Soon!

After a few years of alternating expansions and leagues, we released two expansions back-to-back in late 2017. Our March release blurred the line between an expansion and a league. We are pitching 3.3.0 in a similar way. It is branded as a league, but is certainly a large release compared to leagues of the past. […]

Path of Exile

PoE: My Suggestion On Two-Handed Weapons And Dual Wielding

In Path of Exile, I think GGG should decrease the gap between two-handed weapons and dual wielding, this is something most of us are aware of by now, but I really feel like GGG should put a lot of priority on balancing gearing options along with their skill reworks. With the advent of broken shaper […]

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Final Fantasy XIV Online GO Coming Soon

After Pokemon GO also Square Enix takes the field by announcing his personal reinterpretation, which is called Final Fantasy XIV Online GO. It is an app that allows us to explore the surrounding world in search of Eorzea resources, as well as giving us the opportunity to fish. With the exclusive Final Fantasy accessory XIV […]

Path of Exile

Path Of Exile: How To Level Using Flicker Strike?

In Path of Exile, you may wonder that when can you start reliably using flicker strike and what are some good leveling items for it? The following post are some useful guides for you. The level to when you can reliably use Flicker Strike is when you get to equip whatever unique that will generate […]

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Become The Most Powerful Player Of Madden NFL 19 With Coins

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