The First Descendant

The Ultimate Launch Guide for The First Descendant

The First Descendant is gearing up for its global release on July 2nd. Here’s everything you need to know about The First Descendant, including the game’s premise, story, playable characters, systems, endgame content, and recent updates implemented by Nexon in time for the game’s release.

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Playable Characters

The game offers 19 playable characters at launch, with three initially available to start with. There are 14 main base characters and five ultimate versions, which can be unlocked by grinding and collecting research materials through various quests and endgame content. Here are some of the characters:

  • Lepic: A DPS character focusing on the use of grenades for damage.
  • Ajax: A tank that focuses on the use of barriers for support.
  • Vesa: A debuffer with an ice affinity focusing on crowd control.
  • Jaber: A utility DPS class that uses turrets for damage and support.
  • Sharon: A close-range damage dealer with an electric affinity and camouflage tech.
  • Glay: A utility dealer with mechanics like her skill frenzied, allowing her to do more damage the lower her health is.
  • Blair: A damage-over-time dealer with a fire affinity.
  • Bunny: A nuka class with the ability to charge electricity while moving and inflict damage after a double jump.
  • Frer: Another damage-over-time dealer with a toxic damage affinity.
  • Valby: A constant DPS character whose abilities are water-based.
  • Kyle: A tank-style character classified as a Bruiser.
  • Scom: A burst DPS character focused on explosives with a fire affinity.
  • Enzo: The first dedicated support character who uses drones to support teammates.
  • Eugen: Another support character who uses drone tech to heal allies.

There will also be ultimate versions for Lepic, Vesa, Ajax, Bunny, and Glay.

Gearing Up and Progression

Each class has a character level with a max cap of level 40. There is also a Mastery level that improves the base overall stats of your character. Characters can equip three weapons, which can drop from enemies, mission rewards, or blueprints. The rarity of weapons ranges from common to ultimate. Players can also equip reactors and external components to enhance stats and abilities. Modules further customize and enhance characters’ abilities and stats.

World and Endgame Content

The First Descendant is not an entirely open-world game. It is split into fields, with Albia serving as the home base where players can interact with NPCs, complete quests, and upgrade their characters. The world map is divided into sections known as fields, with eight confirmed fields at launch.

Endgame activities include:

  • Intercept Battles: Large raid-style boss battles that require a team of up to four players.
  • Special Operations: Focused on combat against Vulgus monsters and protecting research operations.
  • Reclamation Operations: Instanced dungeons that can be played solo or as part of a team with various difficulty modifiers. Recent Updates and Features

Nexon has implemented a ton of requested features and improvements based on player feedback from the beta tests. These include:

  • Loadouts: Save descendant loadouts with weapons,
    equipment, and modules.
  • Laboratory: A testing arena to optimize builds and damage.
  • Encrypted Vaults: Find and unlock hidden magist records and information.
  • Titles and Achievement System: For completionists and collectors.