Fallout 76

How to Unlock All Colors of Shelter Staff Hats in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, Shelter Staff Hats come in a variety of colors to collect. To unlock all colors of Shelter Staff Hats, you need to find them in specific locations in the game. If you also need to buy some bottle caps to help you in your quest, consider searching for the keyword buy fallout bottle caps. Use coupon code “hedy8” to get 5% off at U4GM!
Here are the steps and tips to collect all color variants:

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The main location to find Shelter Staff Hats is in Fort Defiance. This location is known for generating Shelter Staff Hats and matching uniforms.

Generation Points

Shelter Staff Hats and uniforms are usually generated in the shelter area of Fort Defiance. They are typically found on beds or tables within the shelter area. If you are playing the game on Xbox One, you can also buy the required items by searching the keyword buy fallout 76 items xbox one to help you collect these hats and uniforms faster.

Available Colors

These hats come in several color variants, including blue, brown, forest green, green, pink, red, white, and yellow.

Daily Loot

Due to the randomized generation rate of these items, it is recommended to include Fort Defiance in your daily loot routes. Regularly checking this location will increase your chances of finding all color variants.


If you are having a hard time finding a specific color, consider trading with other players. Some players may have duplicate items and be willing to trade for other items or bottle caps.

Events and Traders

Occasionally, special in-game events or merchants may offer these items, so keep a close eye on any such opportunities. Participating in events and checking with merchants can provide additional chances to acquire the Shelter Staff Hats you are missing.

By consistently checking Fort Defiance, engaging in trading, and staying alert for special events and merchants, you can successfully collect all the color variants of Shelter Staff Hats in Fallout 76. Don’t forget to optimize your search and purchase strategies by utilizing keywords like buy fallout bottle caps and buy fallout 76 items xbox one to enhance your gaming experience.